Last week was the Android Builders Summit and Embedded Linux Conference. The usual crowd was there along with a lot of newcomers. Based on an informal poll during my keynote it looks like 75% of the ABS attendees were new to the event. That's very cool. It's definitely becoming the most important platform-development conference for Android out there. The ELC is a more mature venue and has been running for quite some time. It's a great place to reconnect will the key Embedded Linux players.

For my part, I kept myself busy ;) I had 4 separate presentations, apart from the regular hallway demos and chats. The Cyborgstack announcement and Headless Android talk were the first public presentations about that work. If you haven't already, check out Cyborgstack, it's got a Headless Android branch for you to try. I've also got a Headless Android blog post.

Here are the slides to flip-through on slide-share -- I'll also make the originals available under CC-BY-SA shortly:

Thanks to the LinuxFoundation folks for putting these events together.