The first Android Builders Summit took place last week. I had one talk and one keynote scheduled, on "Android Internals" and "Porting Android" respectively. The talk ended up almost as a keynote given that there were too many people to fit in the regularly-scheduled room. The event was scheduled back-to-back with this year's Embedded Linux Conference. Both events were great ... and sold out.

It was fantastic to reconnect with old friends and meet new faces. It was especially interesting to chat with other developers doing Embedded Android work and exchange war stories. There's definitely a lot of movement on that front.

I would like to thank everyone that attended my talks, especially those that pitched in and added info or corrected what I was saying. This is the part I like most about these conferences: an informed audience :)

Here are the slides for the presentations

A great many thanks to the conference organizers and the Linux Foundation for a memorable event.