ABS & ELC 2012

Last week was the Android Builders Summit and Embedded Linux Conference. The usual crowd was there along with a lot of newcomers. Based on an informal poll during my keynote it looks like 75% of the ABS attendees were new to the event. That's very cool. It's definitely becoming the most important platform-development conference for Android out there. The ELC is a more mature venue and has been running for quite some time. It's a great place to reconnect will the key Embedded Linux players.

Headless Android

As part of the Android Builders Summit I presented the Headless Android work I've been doing as part of Cyborgstack. The presentation PDF is already available on the Cyborgstack website, but I wanted to post this brief blog just to explain some basics.

First, you can get the Headless Android branch of Cyborgstack like this:

CC-BY-SA 3.0 Courseware

For quite some time now, we've been planning to make our courseware available under a CC license. We're happy to announce that we've finally gotten around to make good on those intentions. To get the courseware, just visit the pages describing our classes and click on the "Courseware" thumbnail. You'll find both the original version of the document and a PDF version:

ADC2 Wrap-Up

AnDevConII wrapped-up about 10 days ago already. Again, a great event. Here are the slides from my workshop and talk.

ELC-E 2011 Wrap-Up

It was my first time in Prague. Had a great time at ELC Europe and touring the city on Saturday with the LTTng guys.

Here are the slides from the workshop and talk I did:

Android Open '11 Wrap-Up

The first edition of O'Reilly's Android Open came to a close about a week ago already. I liked it a lot. Apart from coinciding with the early release of my new book, Embedded Android, it was a great opportunity to connect with folks working on various interesting Android projects.

Here are the slides from my presentations and an interview I did with O'Reilly's Mike Hendrickson.

ESC Boston 2011 Wrap-Up

ESC Boston 2011 has just drawn to a close with its action-packed Android Certificate Program. Thanks for everyone in attendance. Here are the slides and links from the Embedded Android Workshop on BeagleBoard.

To best understand the context of these, refer to the previous two posts on ESC Boston 2011:

BeagleBoard Workshop

This post is for ESC Boston attendees taking part in Thursday's "Embedded Android Workshop" on the BeagleBoard. I'm assuming here that you've already prepared your laptop, per my previous post, by downloading the VM image, setting it up and putting the various tarballs into the Ubuntu guest VM. If you haven't done so yet, it's very important that you do so ASAP. Remember that there's a help desk in front of room 210 to assist you with these steps.

ESC Boston 2011 ACP

Here's the information you need to know if you're taking part in ESC Boston's Android Certificate Program available to All Access Pass holders. Specifically, this information regards my part of the Monday "Android Jumpstart" and, most importantly, the Thursday "Embedded Android Workshop" with the BeagleBoards.

ESC India 2011 wrap-up

As ESC India 2011 comes to a close, I want to make sure everyone had access to the slides I presented here. As I said on Twitter earlier, I've found the level of knowledge of Android's internals here absolutely incredible. Lots of people having fought good battles with Android to get it to do all sorts of things. It was a pleasure to hear the stories and learn from the insightful crowd. Thanks to all those that have attended.