ESC India VM setup

Here's the information you will need if you're attending my "Embedded Workshop" at ESC India and would like to follow along. This is a summary of the series of tweets sent through @opersys yesterday. As mentioned in the email sent by ESC India, you don't need to do any of this. The talk is formatted for you to benefit from it whether you follow along in a "hands-on" fashion or not.

Android Builders Summit

The first Android Builders Summit took place last week. I had one talk and one keynote scheduled, on "Android Internals" and "Porting Android" respectively. The talk ended up almost as a keynote given that there were too many people to fit in the regularly-scheduled room. The event was scheduled back-to-back with this year's Embedded Linux Conference. Both events were great ... and sold out.

AnDevCon Slides

The first AnDevCon is now over. What an amazing event it was. A lot of great content and, most importantly, a very knowledgeable crowd. The event literally sold out.

I was lucky enough to sneak in three presentations and I wasn't disappointed. The crowd was fantastic, providing key feedback and extra information. It's one thing to deliver a lecture. Yet another to have the folks attending participate at their best. Thanks to everyone that was there, these presentations were all the better because of you.

Android Internals - Nov. 3rd

This is the Android internals presentation I gave at Android Montreal last Nov. 3rd. The crowd was amazing. They had lots of great questions and insight, often filing in the blanks. I still owe those that attended answers to a few questions. I'll put those together in an upcoming post.

Android Training

Android is hot. Gartner predicts that by 2014, Android will be the No. 2 mobile OS, second only to Symbian. As a matter of fact, at the time of this writing, Google reports that there are 200,000 Android activations per day.

Website redesign

Through the past 10 years, Opersys' website has gone through some rather profound transformations. This version you are visiting is based on Drupal and features a highly customized template. We are very happy of the result and welcome any input you might have on making our site better.

If you are looking for some of our older content, here are a few pointers which we weren't able to easily relocate: