One of Android's core building blocks is the Binder mechanism. At a fairly high level, Binder enables us to run an object-oriented OS on top of a general-purose OS; as is described in this interview with one of the engineers behind OpenBinder, Android's Binder ancestor.

In Android, the "object-oriented" OS is implemented as a set of "system services" which run within regular user-space processes on top of the Linux kernel. Those system services essentially extend the Linux kernel's functionality by creating a whole new set of "system calls" that applications can use to access system functionality in an object-oriented fashion. Android apps, for instance, heavily rely on those system services as part of using the standard framework API detailed as part of the formal developer API maintained by Google.

To get a good handle of Android's capabilities, it's therefore crucial to be able to understand the full list of capabilities published by the system services for use by other system components. The traditional way to do that is to locate the "aidl" file that's used to describe the public interface of the corresponding system service within the AOSP sources. Needless to say, this is a tedious process and requires access to the AOSP sources.

Given the type of work we do at Opersys, we often find ourselves looking up system service aidl files. To make our lives easier, we created a tool we called "raidl" (for "Reverse AIDL") that enables us to retrieve any system service's interface definition live on a running system without requiring access to the original AOSP sources used to build the running image. We also made raidl available under the Apache license on github.

Per raidl's online help:

# raidl
Reverse AIDL tool: version 0.9.0
Copyright (C) 2014, Opersys inc. --

Usage: raidl
       raidl list
       raidl iface [-l, -n] SERVICE [METHOD | CODE]
          (-l: dump as simple list, -n: add transaction codes)

For example, we can use it to retrieve the Mount system service's interface in this way:

# raidl iface mount -n
// Service: mount, Interface:

interface IMountService {
    void registerListener(IMountServiceListener p1); // 1
    void unregisterListener(IMountServiceListener p1); // 2
    boolean isUsbMassStorageConnected(); // 3
    void setUsbMassStorageEnabled(boolean p1); // 4
    boolean isUsbMassStorageEnabled(); // 5
    int mountVolume(String s1); // 6
    void unmountVolume(String s1, boolean p2, boolean p3); // 7
    int formatVolume(String s1); // 8

One important caveat to point out is that raidl works just for Java-based system services. There are a handful of C-based system services such as the SurfacFlinger, the Sensor Service and the media services which raidl can't presently print interfaces for. Also, raidl currently can't retrieve the parameter names, though it can figure out the types.

To make things even more interesting, we included a "raidlindex" script to dump the AIDL interfaces of all system services currently found on a given system. Here's, for reference, the full list of Java-based system services and the list of "system calls" exposed by each on KitKat (4.4) as retrieved on a stock emulator image built from the original AOSP distributed by Google:

Class: android.view.accessibility.IAccessibilityManager

   1	int addClient(android.view.accessibility.IAccessibilityManagerClient p1, int n2);
   2	boolean sendAccessibilityEvent(android.view.accessibility.AccessibilityEvent p1, int n2);
   3	java.util.List getInstalledAccessibilityServiceList(int n1);
   4	java.util.List getEnabledAccessibilityServiceList(int n1, int n2);
   5	void interrupt(int n1);
   6	int addAccessibilityInteractionConnection(android.view.IWindow p1, android.view.accessibility.IAccessibilityInteractionConnection p2, int n3);
   7	void removeAccessibilityInteractionConnection(android.view.IWindow p1);
   8	void registerUiTestAutomationService(android.os.IBinder p1, android.accessibilityservice.IAccessibilityServiceClient p2, android.accessibilityservice.AccessibilityServiceInfo p3);
   9	void unregisterUiTestAutomationService(android.accessibilityservice.IAccessibilityServiceClient p1);
  10	void temporaryEnableAccessibilityStateUntilKeyguardRemoved(android.content.ComponentName p1, boolean p2);

Class: android.accounts.IAccountManager

   1	java.lang.String getPassword(android.accounts.Account p1);
   2	java.lang.String getUserData(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
   3	android.accounts.AuthenticatorDescription[] getAuthenticatorTypes();
   4	android.accounts.Account[] getAccounts(java.lang.String s1);
   5	android.accounts.Account[] getAccountsForPackage(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   6	android.accounts.Account[] getAccountsByTypeForPackage(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
   7	android.accounts.Account[] getAccountsAsUser(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   8	void hasFeatures(android.accounts.IAccountManagerResponse p1, android.accounts.Account p2, java.lang.String[] p3);
   9	void getAccountsByFeatures(android.accounts.IAccountManagerResponse p1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String[] p3);
  10	boolean addAccountExplicitly(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2, android.os.Bundle p3);
  11	void removeAccount(android.accounts.IAccountManagerResponse p1, android.accounts.Account p2);
  12	void invalidateAuthToken(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  13	java.lang.String peekAuthToken(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
  14	void setAuthToken(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3);
  15	void setPassword(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
  16	void clearPassword(android.accounts.Account p1);
  17	void setUserData(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3);
  18	void updateAppPermission(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, boolean p4);
  19	void getAuthToken(android.accounts.IAccountManagerResponse p1, android.accounts.Account p2, java.lang.String s3, boolean p4, boolean p5, android.os.Bundle p6);
  20	void addAccount(android.accounts.IAccountManagerResponse p1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String[] p4, boolean p5, android.os.Bundle p6);
  21	void updateCredentials(android.accounts.IAccountManagerResponse p1, android.accounts.Account p2, java.lang.String s3, boolean p4, android.os.Bundle p5);
  22	void editProperties(android.accounts.IAccountManagerResponse p1, java.lang.String s2, boolean p3);
  23	void confirmCredentialsAsUser(android.accounts.IAccountManagerResponse p1, android.accounts.Account p2, android.os.Bundle p3, boolean p4, int n5);
  24	void getAuthTokenLabel(android.accounts.IAccountManagerResponse p1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3);
  25	boolean addSharedAccountAsUser(android.accounts.Account p1, int n2);
  26	android.accounts.Account[] getSharedAccountsAsUser(int n1);
  27	boolean removeSharedAccountAsUser(android.accounts.Account p1, int n2);


   1	void startRunning(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4);
   2	void handleApplicationCrash(android.os.IBinder p1, p2);
   3	int startActivity( p1, java.lang.String s2, android.content.Intent p3, java.lang.String s4, android.os.IBinder p5, java.lang.String s6, int n7, int n8, java.lang.String s9, android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor p10, android.os.Bundle p11);
   4	void unhandledBack();
   5	android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor openContentUri( p1);
  11	boolean finishActivity(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, android.content.Intent p3);
  12	android.content.Intent registerReceiver( p1, java.lang.String s2, android.content.IIntentReceiver p3, android.content.IntentFilter p4, java.lang.String s5, int n6);
  13	void unregisterReceiver(android.content.IIntentReceiver p1);
  14	int broadcastIntent( p1, android.content.Intent p2, java.lang.String s3, android.content.IIntentReceiver p4, int n5, java.lang.String s6, android.os.Bundle p7, java.lang.String s8, int n9, boolean p10, boolean p11, int n12);
  15	void unbroadcastIntent( p1, android.content.Intent p2, int n3);
  16	void finishReceiver(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, android.os.Bundle p4, boolean p5);
  17	void attachApplication( p1);
  18	void activityIdle(android.os.IBinder p1, android.content.res.Configuration p2, boolean p3);
  19	void activityPaused(android.os.IBinder p1);
  20	void activityStopped(android.os.IBinder p1, android.os.Bundle p2, p3, java.lang.CharSequence p4);
  21	java.lang.String getCallingPackage(android.os.IBinder p1);
  22	android.content.ComponentName getCallingActivity(android.os.IBinder p1);
  23	java.util.List getTasks(int n1, int n2, p3);
  24	void moveTaskToFront(int n1, int n2, android.os.Bundle p3);
  25	void moveTaskToBack(int n1);
  26	void moveTaskBackwards(int n1);
  27	int getTaskForActivity(android.os.IBinder p1, boolean p2);
  28	void reportThumbnail(android.os.IBinder p1, p2, java.lang.CharSequence p3);
  29 getContentProvider( p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, boolean p4);
  30	void publishContentProviders( p1, java.util.List p2);
  31	boolean refContentProvider(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, int n3);
  32	void finishSubActivity(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
  33 getRunningServiceControlPanel(android.content.ComponentName p1);
  34	android.content.ComponentName startService( p1, android.content.Intent p2, java.lang.String s3, int n4);
  35	int stopService( p1, android.content.Intent p2, java.lang.String s3, int n4);
  36	int bindService( p1, android.os.IBinder p2, android.content.Intent p3, java.lang.String s4, p5, int n6, int n7);
  37	boolean unbindService( p1);
  38	void publishService(android.os.IBinder p1, android.content.Intent p2, android.os.IBinder p3);
  39	void activityResumed(android.os.IBinder p1);
  40	void goingToSleep();
  41	void wakingUp();
  42	void setDebugApp(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2, boolean p3);
  43	void setAlwaysFinish(boolean p1);
  44	boolean startInstrumentation(android.content.ComponentName p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, android.os.Bundle p4, p5, p6, int n7);
  45	void finishInstrumentation( p1, int n2, android.os.Bundle p3);
  46	android.content.res.Configuration getConfiguration();
  47	void updateConfiguration(android.content.res.Configuration p1);
  48	boolean stopServiceToken(android.content.ComponentName p1, android.os.IBinder p2, int n3);
  49	android.content.ComponentName getActivityClassForToken(android.os.IBinder p1);
  50	java.lang.String getPackageForToken(android.os.IBinder p1);
  51	void setProcessLimit(int n1);
  52	int getProcessLimit();
  53	int checkPermission(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
  54	int checkUriPermission( p1, int n2, int n3, int n4);
  55	void grantUriPermission( p1, java.lang.String s2, p3, int n4);
  56	void revokeUriPermission( p1, p2, int n3);
  57	void setActivityController( p1);
  58	void showWaitingForDebugger( p1, boolean p2);
  59	void signalPersistentProcesses(int n1);
  60	java.util.List getRecentTasks(int n1, int n2, int n3);
  61	void serviceDoneExecuting(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, int n3, int n4);
  62	void activityDestroyed(android.os.IBinder p1);
  63	android.content.IIntentSender getIntentSender(int n1, java.lang.String s2, android.os.IBinder p3, java.lang.String s4, int n5, android.content.Intent[] p6, java.lang.String[] p7, int n8, android.os.Bundle p9, int n10);
  64	void cancelIntentSender(android.content.IIntentSender p1);
  65	java.lang.String getPackageForIntentSender(android.content.IIntentSender p1);
  66	void enterSafeMode();
  67	boolean startNextMatchingActivity(android.os.IBinder p1, android.content.Intent p2, android.os.Bundle p3);
  68	void noteWakeupAlarm(android.content.IIntentSender p1);
  69	void removeContentProvider(android.os.IBinder p1, boolean p2);
  70	void setRequestedOrientation(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2);
  71	int getRequestedOrientation(android.os.IBinder p1);
  72	void unbindFinished(android.os.IBinder p1, android.content.Intent p2, boolean p3);
  73	void setProcessForeground(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, boolean p3);
  74	void setServiceForeground(android.content.ComponentName p1, android.os.IBinder p2, int n3, p4, boolean p5);
  75	boolean moveActivityTaskToBack(android.os.IBinder p1, boolean p2);
  76	void getMemoryInfo( p1);
  77	java.util.List getProcessesInErrorState();
  78	boolean clearApplicationUserData(java.lang.String s1, p2, int n3);
  79	void forceStopPackage(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  80	boolean killPids(int[] p1, java.lang.String s2, boolean p3);
  81	java.util.List getServices(int n1, int n2);
  82 getTaskThumbnails(int n1);
  83	java.util.List getRunningAppProcesses();
  84 getDeviceConfigurationInfo();
  85	android.os.IBinder peekService(android.content.Intent p1, java.lang.String s2);
  86	boolean profileControl(java.lang.String s1, int n2, boolean p3, java.lang.String s4, android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor p5, int n6);
  87	boolean shutdown(int n1);
  88	void stopAppSwitches();
  89	void resumeAppSwitches();
  90	boolean bindBackupAgent( p1, int n2);
  91	void backupAgentCreated(java.lang.String s1, android.os.IBinder p2);
  92	void unbindBackupAgent( p1);
  93	int getUidForIntentSender(android.content.IIntentSender p1);
  94	int handleIncomingUser(int n1, int n2, int n3, boolean p4, boolean p5, java.lang.String s6, java.lang.String s7);
  95 getTaskTopThumbnail(int n1);
  96	void killApplicationWithAppId(java.lang.String s1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
  97	void closeSystemDialogs(java.lang.String s1);
  98	android.os.Debug.MemoryInfo[] getProcessMemoryInfo(int[] p1);
  99	void killApplicationProcess(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
 100	int startActivityIntentSender( p1, android.content.IntentSender p2, android.content.Intent p3, java.lang.String s4, android.os.IBinder p5, java.lang.String s6, int n7, int n8, int n9, android.os.Bundle p10);
 101	void overridePendingTransition(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4);
 102	boolean handleApplicationWtf(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2, p3);
 103	void killBackgroundProcesses(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
 104	boolean isUserAMonkey();
 105 startActivityAndWait( p1, java.lang.String s2, android.content.Intent p3, java.lang.String s4, android.os.IBinder p5, java.lang.String s6, int n7, int n8, java.lang.String s9, android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor p10, android.os.Bundle p11, int n12);
 106	boolean willActivityBeVisible(android.os.IBinder p1);
 107	int startActivityWithConfig( p1, java.lang.String s2, android.content.Intent p3, java.lang.String s4, android.os.IBinder p5, java.lang.String s6, int n7, int n8, android.content.res.Configuration p9, android.os.Bundle p10, int n11);
 108	java.util.List getRunningExternalApplications();
 109	void finishHeavyWeightApp();
 110	void handleApplicationStrictModeViolation(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, android.os.StrictMode.ViolationInfo p3);
 111	boolean isImmersive(android.os.IBinder p1);
 112	void setImmersive(android.os.IBinder p1, boolean p2);
 113	boolean isTopActivityImmersive();
 114	void crashApplication(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4);
 115	java.lang.String getProviderMimeType( p1, int n2);
 116	android.os.IBinder newUriPermissionOwner(java.lang.String s1);
 117	void grantUriPermissionFromOwner(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, p4, int n5);
 118	void revokeUriPermissionFromOwner(android.os.IBinder p1, p2, int n3);
 119	int checkGrantUriPermission(int n1, java.lang.String s2, p3, int n4);
 120	boolean dumpHeap(java.lang.String s1, int n2, boolean p3, java.lang.String s4, android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor p5);
 121	int startActivities( p1, java.lang.String s2, android.content.Intent[] p3, java.lang.String[] p4, android.os.IBinder p5, android.os.Bundle p6, int n7);
 122	boolean isUserRunning(int n1, boolean p2);
 123	void activitySlept(android.os.IBinder p1);
 124	int getFrontActivityScreenCompatMode();
 125	void setFrontActivityScreenCompatMode(int n1);
 126	int getPackageScreenCompatMode(java.lang.String s1);
 127	void setPackageScreenCompatMode(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
 128	boolean getPackageAskScreenCompat(java.lang.String s1);
 129	void setPackageAskScreenCompat(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
 130	boolean switchUser(int n1);
 131	boolean removeSubTask(int n1, int n2);
 132	boolean removeTask(int n1, int n2);
 133	void registerProcessObserver( p1);
 134	void unregisterProcessObserver( p1);
 135	boolean isIntentSenderTargetedToPackage(android.content.IIntentSender p1);
 136	void updatePersistentConfiguration(android.content.res.Configuration p1);
 137	long[] getProcessPss(int[] p1);
 138	void showBootMessage(java.lang.CharSequence p1, boolean p2);
 139	void dismissKeyguardOnNextActivity();
 140	void killAllBackgroundProcesses();
 141 getContentProviderExternal(java.lang.String s1, int n2, android.os.IBinder p3);
 142	void removeContentProviderExternal(java.lang.String s1, android.os.IBinder p2);
 143	void getMyMemoryState( p1);
 144	boolean killProcessesBelowForeground(java.lang.String s1);
 145 getCurrentUser();
 146	boolean targetTaskAffinityMatchesActivity(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2);
 147	boolean navigateUpTo(android.os.IBinder p1, android.content.Intent p2, int n3, android.content.Intent p4);
 148	void setLockScreenShown(boolean p1);
 149	boolean finishActivityAffinity(android.os.IBinder p1);
 150	int getLaunchedFromUid(android.os.IBinder p1);
 151	void unstableProviderDied(android.os.IBinder p1);
 152	boolean isIntentSenderAnActivity(android.content.IIntentSender p1);
 153	int startActivityAsUser( p1, java.lang.String s2, android.content.Intent p3, java.lang.String s4, android.os.IBinder p5, java.lang.String s6, int n7, int n8, java.lang.String s9, android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor p10, android.os.Bundle p11, int n12);
 154	int stopUser(int n1, p2);
 155	void registerUserSwitchObserver( p1);
 156	void unregisterUserSwitchObserver( p1);
 157	int[] getRunningUserIds();
 158	void requestBugReport();
 159	long inputDispatchingTimedOut(int n1, boolean p2, java.lang.String s3);
 160	void clearPendingBackup();
 161	android.content.Intent getIntentForIntentSender(android.content.IIntentSender p1);
 162	android.os.Bundle getAssistContextExtras(int n1);
 163	void reportAssistContextExtras(android.os.IBinder p1, android.os.Bundle p2);
 164	java.lang.String getLaunchedFromPackage(android.os.IBinder p1);
 165	void killUid(int n1, java.lang.String s2);
 166	void setUserIsMonkey(boolean p1);
 167	void hang(android.os.IBinder p1, boolean p2);
 168	int createStack(int n1, int n2, int n3, float p4);
 169	void moveTaskToStack(int n1, int n2, boolean p3);
 170	void resizeStackBox(int n1, float p2);
 171	java.util.List getStackBoxes();
 172	void setFocusedStack(int n1);
 173 getStackBoxInfo(int n1);
 174	boolean convertFromTranslucent(android.os.IBinder p1);
 175	boolean convertToTranslucent(android.os.IBinder p1);
 176	void notifyActivityDrawn(android.os.IBinder p1);
 177	void reportActivityFullyDrawn(android.os.IBinder p1);
 178	void restart();
 179	void performIdleMaintenance();
 180	void takePersistableUriPermission( p1, int n2);
 181	void releasePersistableUriPermission( p1, int n2);
 182 getPersistedUriPermissions(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
 183	void appNotRespondingViaProvider(android.os.IBinder p1);


   1	void set(int n1, long n2, long n3, long n4, p5, android.os.WorkSource p6);
   2	void setTime(long n1);
   3	void setTimeZone(java.lang.String s1);
   4	void remove( p1);


   1	int checkOperation(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
   2	int noteOperation(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
   3	int startOperation(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, int n3, java.lang.String s4);
   4	void finishOperation(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, int n3, java.lang.String s4);
   5	void startWatchingMode(int n1, java.lang.String s2, p3);
   6	void stopWatchingMode( p1);
   7	android.os.IBinder getToken(android.os.IBinder p1);
   8	int checkPackage(int n1, java.lang.String s2);
   9	java.util.List getPackagesForOps(int[] p1);
  10	java.util.List getOpsForPackage(int n1, java.lang.String s2, int[] p3);
  11	void setMode(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, int n4);
  12	void resetAllModes();


   1	int[] startListening( p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, java.util.List p4, int n5);
   2	void stopListening(int n1, int n2);
   3	int allocateAppWidgetId(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
   4	void deleteAppWidgetId(int n1, int n2);
   5	void deleteHost(int n1, int n2);
   6	void deleteAllHosts(int n1);
   7	android.widget.RemoteViews getAppWidgetViews(int n1, int n2);
   8	int[] getAppWidgetIdsForHost(int n1, int n2);
   9	void updateAppWidgetIds(int[] p1, android.widget.RemoteViews p2, int n3);
  10	void updateAppWidgetOptions(int n1, android.os.Bundle p2, int n3);
  11	android.os.Bundle getAppWidgetOptions(int n1, int n2);
  12	void partiallyUpdateAppWidgetIds(int[] p1, android.widget.RemoteViews p2, int n3);
  13	void updateAppWidgetProvider(android.content.ComponentName p1, android.widget.RemoteViews p2, int n3);
  14	void notifyAppWidgetViewDataChanged(int[] p1, int n2, int n3);
  15	java.util.List getInstalledProviders(int n1, int n2);
  16	android.appwidget.AppWidgetProviderInfo getAppWidgetInfo(int n1, int n2);
  17	boolean hasBindAppWidgetPermission(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  18	void setBindAppWidgetPermission(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2, int n3);
  19	void bindAppWidgetId(int n1, android.content.ComponentName p2, android.os.Bundle p3, int n4);
  20	boolean bindAppWidgetIdIfAllowed(java.lang.String s1, int n2, android.content.ComponentName p3, android.os.Bundle p4, int n5);
  21	void bindRemoteViewsService(int n1, android.content.Intent p2, android.os.IBinder p3, int n4);
  22	void unbindRemoteViewsService(int n1, android.content.Intent p2, int n3);
  23	int[] getAppWidgetIds(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);

Class: android.view.IAssetAtlas

   1	boolean isCompatible(int n1);
   2	android.view.GraphicBuffer getBuffer();
   3	int[] getMap();


   1	void adjustVolume(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
   2	boolean isLocalOrRemoteMusicActive();
   3	void adjustLocalOrRemoteStreamVolume(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
   4	void adjustSuggestedStreamVolume(int n1, int n2, int n3, java.lang.String s4);
   5	void adjustStreamVolume(int n1, int n2, int n3, java.lang.String s4);
   6	void adjustMasterVolume(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
   7	void setStreamVolume(int n1, int n2, int n3, java.lang.String s4);
   8	void setRemoteStreamVolume(int n1);
   9	void setMasterVolume(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
  10	void setStreamSolo(int n1, boolean p2, android.os.IBinder p3);
  11	void setStreamMute(int n1, boolean p2, android.os.IBinder p3);
  12	boolean isStreamMute(int n1);
  13	void setMasterMute(boolean p1, int n2, android.os.IBinder p3);
  14	boolean isMasterMute();
  15	int getStreamVolume(int n1);
  16	int getMasterVolume();
  17	int getStreamMaxVolume(int n1);
  18	int getMasterMaxVolume();
  19	int getLastAudibleStreamVolume(int n1);
  20	int getLastAudibleMasterVolume();
  21	void setRingerMode(int n1);
  22	int getRingerMode();
  23	void setVibrateSetting(int n1, int n2);
  24	int getVibrateSetting(int n1);
  25	boolean shouldVibrate(int n1);
  26	void setMode(int n1, android.os.IBinder p2);
  27	int getMode();
  28	void playSoundEffect(int n1);
  29	void playSoundEffectVolume(int n1, float p2);
  30	boolean loadSoundEffects();
  31	void unloadSoundEffects();
  32	void reloadAudioSettings();
  33	void avrcpSupportsAbsoluteVolume(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  34	void setSpeakerphoneOn(boolean p1);
  35	boolean isSpeakerphoneOn();
  36	void setBluetoothScoOn(boolean p1);
  37	boolean isBluetoothScoOn();
  38	void setBluetoothA2dpOn(boolean p1);
  39	boolean isBluetoothA2dpOn();
  40	int requestAudioFocus(int n1, int n2, android.os.IBinder p3, p4, java.lang.String s5, java.lang.String s6);
  41	int abandonAudioFocus( p1, java.lang.String s2);
  42	void unregisterAudioFocusClient(java.lang.String s1);
  43	int getCurrentAudioFocus();
  44	void dispatchMediaKeyEvent(android.view.KeyEvent p1);
  45	void dispatchMediaKeyEventUnderWakelock(android.view.KeyEvent p1);
  46	void registerMediaButtonIntent( p1, android.content.ComponentName p2, android.os.IBinder p3);
  47	void unregisterMediaButtonIntent( p1);
  48	void registerMediaButtonEventReceiverForCalls(android.content.ComponentName p1);
  49	void unregisterMediaButtonEventReceiverForCalls();
  50	boolean registerRemoteControlDisplay( p1, int n2, int n3);
  51	boolean registerRemoteController( p1, int n2, int n3, android.content.ComponentName p4);
  52	void unregisterRemoteControlDisplay( p1);
  53	void remoteControlDisplayUsesBitmapSize( p1, int n2, int n3);
  54	void remoteControlDisplayWantsPlaybackPositionSync( p1, boolean p2);
  55	void setRemoteControlClientPlaybackPosition(int n1, long n2);
  56	void updateRemoteControlClientMetadata(int n1, int n2, p3);
  57	int registerRemoteControlClient( p1, p2, java.lang.String s3);
  58	void unregisterRemoteControlClient( p1, p2);
  59	void setPlaybackInfoForRcc(int n1, int n2, int n3);
  60	void setPlaybackStateForRcc(int n1, int n2, long n3, float p4);
  61	int getRemoteStreamMaxVolume();
  62	int getRemoteStreamVolume();
  63	void registerRemoteVolumeObserverForRcc(int n1, p2);
  64	void startBluetoothSco(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2);
  65	void stopBluetoothSco(android.os.IBinder p1);
  66	void forceVolumeControlStream(int n1, android.os.IBinder p2);
  67	void setRingtonePlayer( p1);
  68 getRingtonePlayer();
  69	int getMasterStreamType();
  70	void setWiredDeviceConnectionState(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
  71	int setBluetoothA2dpDeviceConnectionState(android.bluetooth.BluetoothDevice p1, int n2);
  72 startWatchingRoutes( p1);
  73	boolean isCameraSoundForced();


   1	void dataChanged(java.lang.String s1);
   2	void clearBackupData(java.lang.String s1);
   3	void agentConnected(java.lang.String s1, android.os.IBinder p2);
   4	void agentDisconnected(java.lang.String s1);
   5	void restoreAtInstall(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   6	void setBackupEnabled(boolean p1);
   7	void setAutoRestore(boolean p1);
   8	void setBackupProvisioned(boolean p1);
   9	boolean isBackupEnabled();
  10	boolean setBackupPassword(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  11	boolean hasBackupPassword();
  12	void backupNow();
  13	void fullBackup(android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor p1, boolean p2, boolean p3, boolean p4, boolean p5, boolean p6, java.lang.String[] p7);
  14	void fullRestore(android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor p1);
  15	void acknowledgeFullBackupOrRestore(int n1, boolean p2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4, p5);
  16	java.lang.String getCurrentTransport();
  17	java.lang.String[] listAllTransports();
  18	java.lang.String selectBackupTransport(java.lang.String s1);
  19	android.content.Intent getConfigurationIntent(java.lang.String s1);
  20	java.lang.String getDestinationString(java.lang.String s1);
  21 beginRestoreSession(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  22	void opComplete(int n1);

Class: android.os.IBatteryPropertiesRegistrar

   1	void registerListener(android.os.IBatteryPropertiesListener p1);
   2	void unregisterListener(android.os.IBatteryPropertiesListener p1);


   1	byte[] getStatistics();
   2	void noteStartWakelock(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, int n4);
   3	void noteStopWakelock(int n1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, int n4);
   4	void noteStartSensor(int n1, int n2);
   5	void noteStopSensor(int n1, int n2);
   6	void noteStartWakelockFromSource(android.os.WorkSource p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, int n4);
   7	void noteStopWakelockFromSource(android.os.WorkSource p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, int n4);
   8	void noteVibratorOn(int n1, long n2);
   9	void noteVibratorOff(int n1);
  10	void noteStartGps(int n1);
  11	void noteStopGps(int n1);
  12	void noteScreenOn();
  13	void noteScreenBrightness(int n1);
  14	void noteScreenOff();
  15	void noteInputEvent();
  16	void noteUserActivity(int n1, int n2);
  17	void notePhoneOn();
  18	void notePhoneOff();
  19	void notePhoneSignalStrength(android.telephony.SignalStrength p1);
  20	void notePhoneDataConnectionState(int n1, boolean p2);
  21	void notePhoneState(int n1);
  22	void noteWifiOn();
  23	void noteWifiOff();
  24	void noteWifiRunning(android.os.WorkSource p1);
  25	void noteWifiRunningChanged(android.os.WorkSource p1, android.os.WorkSource p2);
  26	void noteWifiStopped(android.os.WorkSource p1);
  27	void noteBluetoothOn();
  28	void noteBluetoothOff();
  29	void noteFullWifiLockAcquired(int n1);
  30	void noteFullWifiLockReleased(int n1);
  31	void noteWifiScanStarted(int n1);
  32	void noteWifiScanStopped(int n1);
  33	void noteWifiMulticastEnabled(int n1);
  34	void noteWifiMulticastDisabled(int n1);
  35	void noteFullWifiLockAcquiredFromSource(android.os.WorkSource p1);
  36	void noteFullWifiLockReleasedFromSource(android.os.WorkSource p1);
  37	void noteWifiScanStartedFromSource(android.os.WorkSource p1);
  38	void noteWifiScanStoppedFromSource(android.os.WorkSource p1);
  39	void noteWifiMulticastEnabledFromSource(android.os.WorkSource p1);
  40	void noteWifiMulticastDisabledFromSource(android.os.WorkSource p1);
  41	void noteNetworkInterfaceType(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  42	void noteNetworkStatsEnabled();
  43	void setBatteryState(int n1, int n2, int n3, int n4, int n5, int n6);
  44	long getAwakeTimeBattery();
  45	long getAwakeTimePlugged();

Class: android.content.IClipboard

   1	void setPrimaryClip(android.content.ClipData p1, java.lang.String s2);
   2	android.content.ClipData getPrimaryClip(java.lang.String s1);
   3	android.content.ClipDescription getPrimaryClipDescription(java.lang.String s1);
   4	boolean hasPrimaryClip(java.lang.String s1);
   5	void addPrimaryClipChangedListener(android.content.IOnPrimaryClipChangedListener p1, java.lang.String s2);
   6	void removePrimaryClipChangedListener(android.content.IOnPrimaryClipChangedListener p1);
   7	boolean hasClipboardText(java.lang.String s1);


   1	void markSocketAsUser(android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor p1, int n2);
   2	void setNetworkPreference(int n1);
   3	int getNetworkPreference();
   4 getActiveNetworkInfo();
   5 getActiveNetworkInfoForUid(int n1);
   6 getNetworkInfo(int n1);
   7[] getAllNetworkInfo();
   8 getProvisioningOrActiveNetworkInfo();
   9	boolean isNetworkSupported(int n1);
  10 getActiveLinkProperties();
  11 getLinkProperties(int n1);
  12[] getAllNetworkState();
  13 getActiveNetworkQuotaInfo();
  14	boolean isActiveNetworkMetered();
  15	boolean setRadios(boolean p1);
  16	boolean setRadio(int n1, boolean p2);
  17	int startUsingNetworkFeature(int n1, java.lang.String s2, android.os.IBinder p3);
  18	int stopUsingNetworkFeature(int n1, java.lang.String s2);
  19	boolean requestRouteToHost(int n1, int n2);
  20	boolean requestRouteToHostAddress(int n1, byte[] p2);
  21	boolean getMobileDataEnabled();
  22	void setMobileDataEnabled(boolean p1);
  23	void setPolicyDataEnable(int n1, boolean p2);
  24	int tether(java.lang.String s1);
  25	int untether(java.lang.String s1);
  26	int getLastTetherError(java.lang.String s1);
  27	boolean isTetheringSupported();
  28	java.lang.String[] getTetherableIfaces();
  29	java.lang.String[] getTetheredIfaces();
  30	java.lang.String[] getTetheringErroredIfaces();
  31	java.lang.String[] getTetherableUsbRegexs();
  32	java.lang.String[] getTetherableWifiRegexs();
  33	java.lang.String[] getTetherableBluetoothRegexs();
  34	int setUsbTethering(boolean p1);
  35	void requestNetworkTransitionWakelock(java.lang.String s1);
  36	void reportInetCondition(int n1, int n2);
  37 getGlobalProxy();
  38	void setGlobalProxy( p1);
  39 getProxy();
  40	void setDataDependency(int n1, boolean p2);
  41	boolean protectVpn(android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor p1);
  42	boolean prepareVpn(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  43	android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor establishVpn( p1);
  44 getVpnConfig();
  45	void startLegacyVpn( p1);
  46 getLegacyVpnInfo();
  47	boolean updateLockdownVpn();
  48	void captivePortalCheckComplete( p1);
  49	void captivePortalCheckCompleted( p1, boolean p2);
  50	void supplyMessenger(int n1, android.os.Messenger p2);
  51	int findConnectionTypeForIface(java.lang.String s1);
  52	int checkMobileProvisioning(int n1);
  53	java.lang.String getMobileProvisioningUrl();
  54	java.lang.String getMobileRedirectedProvisioningUrl();
  55 getLinkQualityInfo(int n1);
  56 getActiveLinkQualityInfo();
  57[] getAllLinkQualityInfo();
  58	void setProvisioningNotificationVisible(boolean p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4);
  59	void setAirplaneMode(boolean p1);

Class: android.hardware.IConsumerIrService

   1	boolean hasIrEmitter();
   2	void transmit(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int[] p3);
   3	int[] getCarrierFrequencies();

Class: android.content.IContentService

   1	void unregisterContentObserver(android.database.IContentObserver p1);
   2	void registerContentObserver( p1, boolean p2, android.database.IContentObserver p3, int n4);
   3	void notifyChange( p1, android.database.IContentObserver p2, boolean p3, boolean p4, int n5);
   4	void requestSync(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2, android.os.Bundle p3);
   5	void sync(android.content.SyncRequest p1);
   6	void cancelSync(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
   7	boolean getSyncAutomatically(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
   8	void setSyncAutomatically(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2, boolean p3);
   9	java.util.List getPeriodicSyncs(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
  10	void addPeriodicSync(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2, android.os.Bundle p3, long n4);
  11	void removePeriodicSync(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2, android.os.Bundle p3);
  12	int getIsSyncable(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
  13	void setIsSyncable(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
  14	void setMasterSyncAutomatically(boolean p1);
  15	boolean getMasterSyncAutomatically();
  16	boolean isSyncActive(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
  17	java.util.List getCurrentSyncs();
  18	android.content.SyncAdapterType[] getSyncAdapterTypes();
  19	android.content.SyncStatusInfo getSyncStatus(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
  20	boolean isSyncPending(android.accounts.Account p1, java.lang.String s2);
  21	void addStatusChangeListener(int n1, android.content.ISyncStatusObserver p2);
  22	void removeStatusChangeListener(android.content.ISyncStatusObserver p1);

Class: android.location.ICountryDetector

   1	android.location.Country detectCountry();
   2	void addCountryListener(android.location.ICountryListener p1);
   3	void removeCountryListener(android.location.ICountryListener p1);


   1	void setPasswordQuality(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
   2	int getPasswordQuality(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
   3	void setPasswordMinimumLength(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
   4	int getPasswordMinimumLength(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
   5	void setPasswordMinimumUpperCase(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
   6	int getPasswordMinimumUpperCase(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
   7	void setPasswordMinimumLowerCase(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
   8	int getPasswordMinimumLowerCase(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
   9	void setPasswordMinimumLetters(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  10	int getPasswordMinimumLetters(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  11	void setPasswordMinimumNumeric(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  12	int getPasswordMinimumNumeric(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  13	void setPasswordMinimumSymbols(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  14	int getPasswordMinimumSymbols(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  15	void setPasswordMinimumNonLetter(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  16	int getPasswordMinimumNonLetter(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  17	void setPasswordHistoryLength(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  18	int getPasswordHistoryLength(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  19	void setPasswordExpirationTimeout(android.content.ComponentName p1, long n2, int n3);
  20	long getPasswordExpirationTimeout(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  21	long getPasswordExpiration(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  22	boolean isActivePasswordSufficient(int n1);
  23	int getCurrentFailedPasswordAttempts(int n1);
  24	void setMaximumFailedPasswordsForWipe(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  25	int getMaximumFailedPasswordsForWipe(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  26	boolean resetPassword(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
  27	void setMaximumTimeToLock(android.content.ComponentName p1, long n2, int n3);
  28	long getMaximumTimeToLock(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  29	void lockNow();
  30	void wipeData(int n1, int n2);
  31	android.content.ComponentName setGlobalProxy(android.content.ComponentName p1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, int n4);
  32	android.content.ComponentName getGlobalProxyAdmin(int n1);
  33	int setStorageEncryption(android.content.ComponentName p1, boolean p2, int n3);
  34	boolean getStorageEncryption(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  35	int getStorageEncryptionStatus(int n1);
  36	void setCameraDisabled(android.content.ComponentName p1, boolean p2, int n3);
  37	boolean getCameraDisabled(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  38	void setKeyguardDisabledFeatures(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  39	int getKeyguardDisabledFeatures(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  40	void setActiveAdmin(android.content.ComponentName p1, boolean p2, int n3);
  41	boolean isAdminActive(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  42	java.util.List getActiveAdmins(int n1);
  43	boolean packageHasActiveAdmins(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  44	void getRemoveWarning(android.content.ComponentName p1, android.os.RemoteCallback p2, int n3);
  45	void removeActiveAdmin(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  46	boolean hasGrantedPolicy(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  47	void setActivePasswordState(int n1, int n2, int n3, int n4, int n5, int n6, int n7, int n8, int n9);
  48	void reportFailedPasswordAttempt(int n1);
  49	void reportSuccessfulPasswordAttempt(int n1);
  50	boolean setDeviceOwner(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  51	boolean isDeviceOwner(java.lang.String s1);
  52	java.lang.String getDeviceOwner();
  53	java.lang.String getDeviceOwnerName();
  54	boolean installCaCert(byte[] p1);
  55	void uninstallCaCert(byte[] p1);

Class: android.hardware.display.IDisplayManager

   1	android.view.DisplayInfo getDisplayInfo(int n1);
   2	int[] getDisplayIds();
   3	void registerCallback(android.hardware.display.IDisplayManagerCallback p1);
   4	void scanWifiDisplays();
   5	void connectWifiDisplay(java.lang.String s1);
   6	void disconnectWifiDisplay();
   7	void renameWifiDisplay(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
   8	void forgetWifiDisplay(java.lang.String s1);
   9	android.hardware.display.WifiDisplayStatus getWifiDisplayStatus();
  10	int createVirtualDisplay(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, int n4, int n5, int n6, android.view.Surface p7, int n8);
  11	void releaseVirtualDisplay(android.os.IBinder p1);
  12	void pauseWifiDisplay();
  13	void resumeWifiDisplay();

Class: android.service.dreams.IDreamManager

   1	void dream();
   2	void awaken();
   3	void setDreamComponents(android.content.ComponentName[] p1);
   4	android.content.ComponentName[] getDreamComponents();
   5	android.content.ComponentName getDefaultDreamComponent();
   6	void testDream(android.content.ComponentName p1);
   7	boolean isDreaming();
   8	void finishSelf(android.os.IBinder p1);


   1	void add(android.os.DropBoxManager.Entry p1);
   2	boolean isTagEnabled(java.lang.String s1);
   3	android.os.DropBoxManager.Entry getNextEntry(java.lang.String s1, long n2);

Class: android.os.IHardwareService

   1	boolean getFlashlightEnabled();
   2	void setFlashlightEnabled(boolean p1);

Class: android.hardware.input.IInputManager

   1	android.view.InputDevice getInputDevice(int n1);
   2	int[] getInputDeviceIds();
   3	boolean hasKeys(int n1, int n2, int[] p3, boolean[] p4);
   4	void tryPointerSpeed(int n1);
   5	boolean injectInputEvent(android.view.InputEvent p1, int n2);
   6	android.hardware.input.KeyboardLayout[] getKeyboardLayouts();
   7	android.hardware.input.KeyboardLayout getKeyboardLayout(java.lang.String s1);
   8	java.lang.String getCurrentKeyboardLayoutForInputDevice(java.lang.String s1);
   9	void setCurrentKeyboardLayoutForInputDevice(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  10	java.lang.String[] getKeyboardLayoutsForInputDevice(java.lang.String s1);
  11	void addKeyboardLayoutForInputDevice(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  12	void removeKeyboardLayoutForInputDevice(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  13	void registerInputDevicesChangedListener(android.hardware.input.IInputDevicesChangedListener p1);
  14	void vibrate(int n1, long[] p2, int n3, android.os.IBinder p4);
  15	void cancelVibrate(int n1, android.os.IBinder p2);


   1	java.util.List getInputMethodList();
   2	java.util.List getEnabledInputMethodList();
   3	java.util.List getEnabledInputMethodSubtypeList(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
   4	android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodSubtype getLastInputMethodSubtype();
   5	java.util.List getShortcutInputMethodsAndSubtypes();
   6	void addClient( p1, p2, int n3, int n4);
   7	void removeClient( p1);
   8 startInput( p1, p2, android.view.inputmethod.EditorInfo p3, int n4);
   9	void finishInput( p1);
  10	boolean showSoftInput( p1, int n2, android.os.ResultReceiver p3);
  11	boolean hideSoftInput( p1, int n2, android.os.ResultReceiver p3);
  12 windowGainedFocus( p1, android.os.IBinder p2, int n3, int n4, int n5, android.view.inputmethod.EditorInfo p6, p7);
  13	void showInputMethodPickerFromClient( p1);
  14	void showInputMethodAndSubtypeEnablerFromClient( p1, java.lang.String s2);
  15	void setInputMethod(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2);
  16	void setInputMethodAndSubtype(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2, android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodSubtype p3);
  17	void hideMySoftInput(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2);
  18	void showMySoftInput(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2);
  19	void updateStatusIcon(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
  20	void setImeWindowStatus(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, int n3);
  21	void registerSuggestionSpansForNotification([] p1);
  22	boolean notifySuggestionPicked( p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
  23	android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodSubtype getCurrentInputMethodSubtype();
  24	boolean setCurrentInputMethodSubtype(android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodSubtype p1);
  25	boolean switchToLastInputMethod(android.os.IBinder p1);
  26	boolean switchToNextInputMethod(android.os.IBinder p1, boolean p2);
  27	boolean shouldOfferSwitchingToNextInputMethod(android.os.IBinder p1);
  28	boolean setInputMethodEnabled(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  29	void setAdditionalInputMethodSubtypes(java.lang.String s1, android.view.inputmethod.InputMethodSubtype[] p2);


   1	java.lang.String getDeviceId();
   2	java.lang.String getDeviceSvn();
   3	java.lang.String getSubscriberId();
   4	java.lang.String getGroupIdLevel1();
   5	java.lang.String getIccSerialNumber();
   6	java.lang.String getLine1Number();
   7	java.lang.String getLine1AlphaTag();
   8	java.lang.String getMsisdn();
   9	java.lang.String getVoiceMailNumber();
  10	java.lang.String getCompleteVoiceMailNumber();
  11	java.lang.String getVoiceMailAlphaTag();
  12	java.lang.String getIsimImpi();
  13	java.lang.String getIsimDomain();
  14	java.lang.String[] getIsimImpu();


   1	java.util.List getAllMessagesFromIccEf(java.lang.String s1);
   2	boolean updateMessageOnIccEf(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3, byte[] p4);
   3	boolean copyMessageToIccEf(java.lang.String s1, int n2, byte[] p3, byte[] p4);
   4	void sendData(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, int n4, byte[] p5, p6, p7);
   5	void sendText(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4, p5, p6);
   6	void sendMultipartText(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, java.util.List p4, java.util.List p5, java.util.List p6);
   7	boolean enableCellBroadcast(int n1);
   8	boolean disableCellBroadcast(int n1);
   9	boolean enableCellBroadcastRange(int n1, int n2);
  10	boolean disableCellBroadcastRange(int n1, int n2);
  11	int getPremiumSmsPermission(java.lang.String s1);
  12	void setPremiumSmsPermission(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  13	boolean isImsSmsSupported();
  14	java.lang.String getImsSmsFormat();

Class: android.location.ILocationManager

   1	void requestLocationUpdates(android.location.LocationRequest p1, android.location.ILocationListener p2, p3, java.lang.String s4);
   2	void removeUpdates(android.location.ILocationListener p1, p2, java.lang.String s3);
   3	void requestGeofence(android.location.LocationRequest p1, android.location.Geofence p2, p3, java.lang.String s4);
   4	void removeGeofence(android.location.Geofence p1, p2, java.lang.String s3);
   5	android.location.Location getLastLocation(android.location.LocationRequest p1, java.lang.String s2);
   6	boolean addGpsStatusListener(android.location.IGpsStatusListener p1, java.lang.String s2);
   7	void removeGpsStatusListener(android.location.IGpsStatusListener p1);
   8	boolean geocoderIsPresent();
   9	java.lang.String getFromLocation(double p1, double p2, int n3, android.location.GeocoderParams p4, java.util.List p5);
  10	java.lang.String getFromLocationName(java.lang.String s1, double p2, double p3, double p4, double p5, int n6, android.location.GeocoderParams p7, java.util.List p8);
  11	boolean sendNiResponse(int n1, int n2);
  12	java.util.List getAllProviders();
  13	java.util.List getProviders(android.location.Criteria p1, boolean p2);
  14	java.lang.String getBestProvider(android.location.Criteria p1, boolean p2);
  15	boolean providerMeetsCriteria(java.lang.String s1, android.location.Criteria p2);
  16 getProviderProperties(java.lang.String s1);
  17	boolean isProviderEnabled(java.lang.String s1);
  18	void addTestProvider(java.lang.String s1, p2);
  19	void removeTestProvider(java.lang.String s1);
  20	void setTestProviderLocation(java.lang.String s1, android.location.Location p2);
  21	void clearTestProviderLocation(java.lang.String s1);
  22	void setTestProviderEnabled(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  23	void clearTestProviderEnabled(java.lang.String s1);
  24	void setTestProviderStatus(java.lang.String s1, int n2, android.os.Bundle p3, long n4);
  25	void clearTestProviderStatus(java.lang.String s1);
  26	boolean sendExtraCommand(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, android.os.Bundle p3);
  27	void reportLocation(android.location.Location p1, boolean p2);
  28	void locationCallbackFinished(android.location.ILocationListener p1);


   1	void setBoolean(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2, int n3);
   2	void setLong(java.lang.String s1, long n2, int n3);
   3	void setString(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
   4	boolean getBoolean(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2, int n3);
   5	long getLong(java.lang.String s1, long n2, int n3);
   6	java.lang.String getString(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
   7	void setLockPattern(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   8	boolean checkPattern(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   9	void setLockPassword(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  10	boolean checkPassword(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  11	boolean havePattern(int n1);
  12	boolean havePassword(int n1);
  13	void removeUser(int n1);

Class: android.hardware.ICameraService

   1	int getNumberOfCameras();
   2	int getCameraInfo(int n1, android.hardware.CameraInfo p2);
   3	int connect(android.hardware.ICameraClient p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, int n4, android.hardware.camera2.utils.BinderHolder p5);
   4	int connectPro(android.hardware.IProCameraCallbacks p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, int n4, android.hardware.camera2.utils.BinderHolder p5);
   5	int connectDevice(android.hardware.camera2.ICameraDeviceCallbacks p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, int n4, android.hardware.camera2.utils.BinderHolder p5);
   6	int addListener(android.hardware.ICameraServiceListener p1);
   7	int removeListener(android.hardware.ICameraServiceListener p1);
   8	int getCameraCharacteristics(int n1, android.hardware.camera2.impl.CameraMetadataNative p2);


   1	void registerListener( p1);
   2	void unregisterListener( p1);
   3	boolean isUsbMassStorageConnected();
   4	void setUsbMassStorageEnabled(boolean p1);
   5	boolean isUsbMassStorageEnabled();
   6	int mountVolume(java.lang.String s1);
   7	void unmountVolume(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2, boolean p3);
   8	int formatVolume(java.lang.String s1);
   9	int[] getStorageUsers(java.lang.String s1);
  10	java.lang.String getVolumeState(java.lang.String s1);
  11	int createSecureContainer(java.lang.String s1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4, int n5, boolean p6);
  12	int finalizeSecureContainer(java.lang.String s1);
  13	int destroySecureContainer(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  14	int mountSecureContainer(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
  15	int unmountSecureContainer(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  16	boolean isSecureContainerMounted(java.lang.String s1);
  17	int renameSecureContainer(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  18	java.lang.String getSecureContainerPath(java.lang.String s1);
  19	java.lang.String[] getSecureContainerList();
  20	void shutdown( p1);
  21	void finishMediaUpdate();
  22	void mountObb(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, p4, int n5);
  23	void unmountObb(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2, p3, int n4);
  24	boolean isObbMounted(java.lang.String s1);
  25	java.lang.String getMountedObbPath(java.lang.String s1);
  26	boolean isExternalStorageEmulated();
  27	int decryptStorage(java.lang.String s1);
  28	int encryptStorage(java.lang.String s1);
  29	int changeEncryptionPassword(java.lang.String s1);
  30[] getVolumeList();
  31	java.lang.String getSecureContainerFilesystemPath(java.lang.String s1);
  32	int getEncryptionState();
  33	int verifyEncryptionPassword(java.lang.String s1);
  34	int fixPermissionsSecureContainer(java.lang.String s1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
  35	int mkdirs(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);


   1	void setUidPolicy(int n1, int n2);
   2	int getUidPolicy(int n1);
   3	int[] getUidsWithPolicy(int n1);
   4	boolean isUidForeground(int n1);
   5	void registerListener( p1);
   6	void unregisterListener( p1);
   7	void setNetworkPolicies([] p1);
   8[] getNetworkPolicies();
   9	void snoozeLimit( p1);
  10	void setRestrictBackground(boolean p1);
  11	boolean getRestrictBackground();
  12 getNetworkQuotaInfo( p1);
  13	boolean isNetworkMetered( p1);


   1 openSession();
   2	long getNetworkTotalBytes( p1, long n2, long n3);
   3 getDataLayerSnapshotForUid(int n1);
   4	java.lang.String[] getMobileIfaces();
   5	void incrementOperationCount(int n1, int n2, int n3);
   6	void setUidForeground(int n1, boolean p2);
   7	void forceUpdate();
   8	void advisePersistThreshold(long n1);

Class: android.os.INetworkManagementService

   1	void registerObserver( p1);
   2	void unregisterObserver( p1);
   3	java.lang.String[] listInterfaces();
   4 getInterfaceConfig(java.lang.String s1);
   5	void setInterfaceConfig(java.lang.String s1, p2);
   6	void clearInterfaceAddresses(java.lang.String s1);
   7	void setInterfaceDown(java.lang.String s1);
   8	void setInterfaceUp(java.lang.String s1);
   9	void setInterfaceIpv6PrivacyExtensions(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  10	void disableIpv6(java.lang.String s1);
  11	void enableIpv6(java.lang.String s1);
  12[] getRoutes(java.lang.String s1);
  13	void addRoute(java.lang.String s1, p2);
  14	void removeRoute(java.lang.String s1, p2);
  15	void addSecondaryRoute(java.lang.String s1, p2);
  16	void removeSecondaryRoute(java.lang.String s1, p2);
  17	void setMtu(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  18	void shutdown();
  19	boolean getIpForwardingEnabled();
  20	void setIpForwardingEnabled(boolean p1);
  21	void startTethering(java.lang.String[] p1);
  22	void stopTethering();
  23	boolean isTetheringStarted();
  24	void tetherInterface(java.lang.String s1);
  25	void untetherInterface(java.lang.String s1);
  26	java.lang.String[] listTetheredInterfaces();
  27	void setDnsForwarders(java.lang.String[] p1);
  28	java.lang.String[] getDnsForwarders();
  29	void enableNat(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  30	void disableNat(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  31	java.lang.String[] listTtys();
  32	void attachPppd(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4, java.lang.String s5);
  33	void detachPppd(java.lang.String s1);
  34	void wifiFirmwareReload(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  35	void startAccessPoint( p1, java.lang.String s2);
  36	void stopAccessPoint(java.lang.String s1);
  37	void setAccessPoint( p1, java.lang.String s2);
  38 getNetworkStatsSummaryDev();
  39 getNetworkStatsSummaryXt();
  40 getNetworkStatsDetail();
  41 getNetworkStatsUidDetail(int n1);
  42 getNetworkStatsTethering();
  43	void setInterfaceQuota(java.lang.String s1, long n2);
  44	void removeInterfaceQuota(java.lang.String s1);
  45	void setInterfaceAlert(java.lang.String s1, long n2);
  46	void removeInterfaceAlert(java.lang.String s1);
  47	void setGlobalAlert(long n1);
  48	void setUidNetworkRules(int n1, boolean p2);
  49	boolean isBandwidthControlEnabled();
  50	void addIdleTimer(java.lang.String s1, int n2, java.lang.String s3);
  51	void removeIdleTimer(java.lang.String s1);
  52	void setDefaultInterfaceForDns(java.lang.String s1);
  53	void setDnsServersForInterface(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String[] p2, java.lang.String s3);
  54	void flushDefaultDnsCache();
  55	void flushInterfaceDnsCache(java.lang.String s1);
  56	void setFirewallEnabled(boolean p1);
  57	boolean isFirewallEnabled();
  58	void setFirewallInterfaceRule(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  59	void setFirewallEgressSourceRule(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  60	void setFirewallEgressDestRule(java.lang.String s1, int n2, boolean p3);
  61	void setFirewallUidRule(int n1, boolean p2);
  62	void setUidRangeRoute(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
  63	void clearUidRangeRoute(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
  64	void setMarkedForwarding(java.lang.String s1);
  65	void clearMarkedForwarding(java.lang.String s1);
  66	int getMarkForUid(int n1);
  67	int getMarkForProtect();
  68	void setMarkedForwardingRoute(java.lang.String s1, p2);
  69	void clearMarkedForwardingRoute(java.lang.String s1, p2);
  70	void setHostExemption( p1);
  71	void clearHostExemption( p1);
  72	void setDnsInterfaceForPid(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  73	void clearDnsInterfaceForPid(int n1);
  74	void setDnsInterfaceForUidRange(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
  75	void clearDnsInterfaceForUidRange(int n1, int n2);
  76	void clearDnsInterfaceMaps();
  77	void startClatd(java.lang.String s1);
  78	void stopClatd();
  79	boolean isClatdStarted();


   1	void cancelAllNotifications(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   2	void enqueueToast(java.lang.String s1, p2, int n3);
   3	void cancelToast(java.lang.String s1, p2);
   4	void enqueueNotificationWithTag(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, int n4, p5, int[] p6, int n7);
   5	void cancelNotificationWithTag(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4);
   6	void setNotificationsEnabledForPackage(java.lang.String s1, int n2, boolean p3);
   7	boolean areNotificationsEnabledForPackage(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   8	android.service.notification.StatusBarNotification[] getActiveNotifications(java.lang.String s1);
   9	android.service.notification.StatusBarNotification[] getHistoricalNotifications(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  10	void registerListener(android.service.notification.INotificationListener p1, android.content.ComponentName p2, int n3);
  11	void unregisterListener(android.service.notification.INotificationListener p1, int n2);
  12	void cancelNotificationFromListener(android.service.notification.INotificationListener p1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, int n4);
  13	void cancelAllNotificationsFromListener(android.service.notification.INotificationListener p1);
  14	android.service.notification.StatusBarNotification[] getActiveNotificationsFromListener(android.service.notification.INotificationListener p1);


   1 getPackageInfo(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
   2	int getPackageUid(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   3	int[] getPackageGids(java.lang.String s1);
   4	java.lang.String[] currentToCanonicalPackageNames(java.lang.String[] p1);
   5	java.lang.String[] canonicalToCurrentPackageNames(java.lang.String[] p1);
   6 getPermissionInfo(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   7	java.util.List queryPermissionsByGroup(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   8 getPermissionGroupInfo(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   9	java.util.List getAllPermissionGroups(int n1);
  10 getApplicationInfo(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
  11 getActivityInfo(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  12 getReceiverInfo(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  13 getServiceInfo(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  14 getProviderInfo(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3);
  15	int checkPermission(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  16	int checkUidPermission(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  17	boolean addPermission( p1);
  18	void removePermission(java.lang.String s1);
  19	void grantPermission(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  20	void revokePermission(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  21	boolean isProtectedBroadcast(java.lang.String s1);
  22	int checkSignatures(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  23	int checkUidSignatures(int n1, int n2);
  24	java.lang.String[] getPackagesForUid(int n1);
  25	java.lang.String getNameForUid(int n1);
  26	int getUidForSharedUser(java.lang.String s1);
  27	int getFlagsForUid(int n1);
  28 resolveIntent(android.content.Intent p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4);
  29	java.util.List queryIntentActivities(android.content.Intent p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4);
  30	java.util.List queryIntentActivityOptions(android.content.ComponentName p1, android.content.Intent[] p2, java.lang.String[] p3, android.content.Intent p4, java.lang.String s5, int n6, int n7);
  31	java.util.List queryIntentReceivers(android.content.Intent p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4);
  32 resolveService(android.content.Intent p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4);
  33	java.util.List queryIntentServices(android.content.Intent p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4);
  34	java.util.List queryIntentContentProviders(android.content.Intent p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4);
  35 getInstalledPackages(int n1, int n2);
  36 getPackagesHoldingPermissions(java.lang.String[] p1, int n2, int n3);
  37 getInstalledApplications(int n1, int n2);
  38	java.util.List getPersistentApplications(int n1);
  39 resolveContentProvider(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
  40	void querySyncProviders(java.util.List p1, java.util.List p2);
  41	java.util.List queryContentProviders(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);
  42 getInstrumentationInfo(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  43	java.util.List queryInstrumentation(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  44	void installPackage( p1, p2, int n3, java.lang.String s4);
  45	void finishPackageInstall(int n1);
  46	void setInstallerPackageName(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  47	void deletePackageAsUser(java.lang.String s1, p2, int n3, int n4);
  48	java.lang.String getInstallerPackageName(java.lang.String s1);
  49	void addPackageToPreferred(java.lang.String s1);
  50	void removePackageFromPreferred(java.lang.String s1);
  51	java.util.List getPreferredPackages(int n1);
  52	void resetPreferredActivities(int n1);
  53 getLastChosenActivity(android.content.Intent p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
  54	void setLastChosenActivity(android.content.Intent p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, android.content.IntentFilter p4, int n5, android.content.ComponentName p6);
  55	void addPreferredActivity(android.content.IntentFilter p1, int n2, android.content.ComponentName[] p3, android.content.ComponentName p4, int n5);
  56	void replacePreferredActivity(android.content.IntentFilter p1, int n2, android.content.ComponentName[] p3, android.content.ComponentName p4);
  57	void clearPackagePreferredActivities(java.lang.String s1);
  58	int getPreferredActivities(java.util.List p1, java.util.List p2, java.lang.String s3);
  59	android.content.ComponentName getHomeActivities(java.util.List p1);
  60	void setComponentEnabledSetting(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2, int n3, int n4);
  61	int getComponentEnabledSetting(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
  62	void setApplicationEnabledSetting(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3, int n4, java.lang.String s5);
  63	int getApplicationEnabledSetting(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  64	void setPackageStoppedState(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2, int n3);
  65	void freeStorageAndNotify(long n1, p2);
  66	void freeStorage(long n1, android.content.IntentSender p2);
  67	void deleteApplicationCacheFiles(java.lang.String s1, p2);
  68	void clearApplicationUserData(java.lang.String s1, p2, int n3);
  69	void getPackageSizeInfo(java.lang.String s1, int n2, p3);
  70	java.lang.String[] getSystemSharedLibraryNames();
  71[] getSystemAvailableFeatures();
  72	boolean hasSystemFeature(java.lang.String s1);
  73	void enterSafeMode();
  74	boolean isSafeMode();
  75	void systemReady();
  76	boolean hasSystemUidErrors();
  77	void performBootDexOpt();
  78	boolean performDexOpt(java.lang.String s1);
  79	void updateExternalMediaStatus(boolean p1, boolean p2);
  80 nextPackageToClean( p1);
  81	void movePackage(java.lang.String s1, p2, int n3);
  82	boolean addPermissionAsync( p1);
  83	boolean setInstallLocation(int n1);
  84	int getInstallLocation();
  85	void installPackageWithVerification( p1, p2, int n3, java.lang.String s4, p5, p6, p7);
  86	void installPackageWithVerificationAndEncryption( p1, p2, int n3, java.lang.String s4, p5, p6);
  87	int installExistingPackageAsUser(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  88	void verifyPendingInstall(int n1, int n2);
  89	void extendVerificationTimeout(int n1, int n2, long n3);
  90 getVerifierDeviceIdentity();
  91	boolean isFirstBoot();
  92	boolean isOnlyCoreApps();
  93	void setPermissionEnforced(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  94	boolean isPermissionEnforced(java.lang.String s1);
  95	boolean isStorageLow();
  96	boolean setApplicationBlockedSettingAsUser(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2, int n3);
  97	boolean getApplicationBlockedSettingAsUser(java.lang.String s1, int n2);

Class: android.os.IPermissionController

   1	boolean checkPermission(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3);


   1	void dial(java.lang.String s1);
   2	void call(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
   3	boolean showCallScreen();
   4	boolean showCallScreenWithDialpad(boolean p1);
   5	boolean endCall();
   6	void answerRingingCall();
   7	void silenceRinger();
   8	boolean isOffhook();
   9	boolean isRinging();
  10	boolean isIdle();
  11	boolean isRadioOn();
  12	boolean isSimPinEnabled();
  13	void cancelMissedCallsNotification();
  14	boolean supplyPin(java.lang.String s1);
  15	boolean supplyPuk(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  16	boolean handlePinMmi(java.lang.String s1);
  17	void toggleRadioOnOff();
  18	boolean setRadio(boolean p1);
  19	boolean setRadioPower(boolean p1);
  20	void updateServiceLocation();
  21	void enableLocationUpdates();
  22	void disableLocationUpdates();
  23	int enableApnType(java.lang.String s1);
  24	int disableApnType(java.lang.String s1);
  25	boolean enableDataConnectivity();
  26	boolean disableDataConnectivity();
  27	boolean isDataConnectivityPossible();
  28	android.os.Bundle getCellLocation();
  29	java.util.List getNeighboringCellInfo(java.lang.String s1);
  30	int getCallState();
  31	int getDataActivity();
  32	int getDataState();
  33	int getActivePhoneType();
  34	int getCdmaEriIconIndex();
  35	int getCdmaEriIconMode();
  36	java.lang.String getCdmaEriText();
  37	boolean needsOtaServiceProvisioning();
  38	int getVoiceMessageCount();
  39	int getNetworkType();
  40	int getDataNetworkType();
  41	int getVoiceNetworkType();
  42	boolean hasIccCard();
  43	int getLteOnCdmaMode();
  44	java.util.List getAllCellInfo();
  45	void setCellInfoListRate(int n1);

Class: android.os.IPowerManager

   1	void acquireWakeLock(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4, android.os.WorkSource p5);
   2	void acquireWakeLockWithUid(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4, int n5);
   3	void releaseWakeLock(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2);
   4	void updateWakeLockWorkSource(android.os.IBinder p1, android.os.WorkSource p2);
   5	boolean isWakeLockLevelSupported(int n1);
   6	void userActivity(long n1, int n2, int n3);
   7	void wakeUp(long n1);
   8	void goToSleep(long n1, int n2);
   9	void nap(long n1);
  10	boolean isScreenOn();
  11	void reboot(boolean p1, java.lang.String s2, boolean p3);
  12	void shutdown(boolean p1, boolean p2);
  13	void crash(java.lang.String s1);
  14	void setStayOnSetting(int n1);
  15	void setMaximumScreenOffTimeoutFromDeviceAdmin(int n1);
  16	void setTemporaryScreenBrightnessSettingOverride(int n1);
  17	void setTemporaryScreenAutoBrightnessAdjustmentSettingOverride(float p1);
  18	void setAttentionLight(boolean p1, int n2);

Class: android.print.IPrintManager

   1	java.util.List getPrintJobInfos(int n1, int n2);
   2	android.print.PrintJobInfo getPrintJobInfo(android.print.PrintJobId p1, int n2, int n3);
   3	android.os.Bundle print(java.lang.String s1, android.print.IPrintDocumentAdapter p2, android.print.PrintAttributes p3, java.lang.String s4, int n5, int n6);
   4	void cancelPrintJob(android.print.PrintJobId p1, int n2, int n3);
   5	void restartPrintJob(android.print.PrintJobId p1, int n2, int n3);
   6	void addPrintJobStateChangeListener(android.print.IPrintJobStateChangeListener p1, int n2, int n3);
   7	void removePrintJobStateChangeListener(android.print.IPrintJobStateChangeListener p1, int n2);
   8	java.util.List getInstalledPrintServices(int n1);
   9	java.util.List getEnabledPrintServices(int n1);
  10	void createPrinterDiscoverySession(android.print.IPrinterDiscoveryObserver p1, int n2);
  11	void startPrinterDiscovery(android.print.IPrinterDiscoveryObserver p1, java.util.List p2, int n3);
  12	void stopPrinterDiscovery(android.print.IPrinterDiscoveryObserver p1, int n2);
  13	void validatePrinters(java.util.List p1, int n2);
  14	void startPrinterStateTracking(android.print.PrinterId p1, int n2);
  15	void stopPrinterStateTracking(android.print.PrinterId p1, int n2);
  16	void destroyPrinterDiscoverySession(android.print.IPrinterDiscoveryObserver p1, int n2);


   1	byte[] getCurrentStats(java.util.List p1);
   2	android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor getStatsOverTime(long n1);
   3	int getCurrentMemoryState();

Class: android.os.ISchedulingPolicyService

   1	int requestPriority(int n1, int n2, int n3);


   1 getSearchableInfo(android.content.ComponentName p1);
   2	java.util.List getSearchablesInGlobalSearch();
   3	java.util.List getGlobalSearchActivities();
   4	android.content.ComponentName getGlobalSearchActivity();
   5	android.content.ComponentName getWebSearchActivity();
   6	android.content.ComponentName getAssistIntent(int n1);

Class: android.hardware.ISerialManager

   1	java.lang.String[] getSerialPorts();
   2	android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor openSerialPort(java.lang.String s1);


   1	android.os.Messenger getMessenger();
   2	void setEnabled(boolean p1);


   1	java.util.List getAdnRecordsInEf(int n1);
   2	boolean updateAdnRecordsInEfBySearch(int n1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4, java.lang.String s5, java.lang.String s6);
   3	boolean updateAdnRecordsInEfByIndex(int n1, java.lang.String s2, java.lang.String s3, int n4, java.lang.String s5);
   4	int[] getAdnRecordsSize(int n1);


   1	void expandNotificationsPanel();
   2	void collapsePanels();
   3	void disable(int n1, android.os.IBinder p2, java.lang.String s3);
   4	void setIcon(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4, java.lang.String s5);
   5	void setIconVisibility(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
   6	void removeIcon(java.lang.String s1);
   7	void topAppWindowChanged(boolean p1);
   8	void setImeWindowStatus(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, int n3);
   9	void expandSettingsPanel();
  10	void setCurrentUser(int n1);
  11	void registerStatusBar( p1, p2, java.util.List p3, java.util.List p4, int[] p5, java.util.List p6);
  12	void onPanelRevealed();
  13	void onNotificationClick(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
  14	void onNotificationError(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, int n4, int n5, java.lang.String s6);
  15	void onClearAllNotifications();
  16	void onNotificationClear(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
  17	void setSystemUiVisibility(int n1, int n2);
  18	void setHardKeyboardEnabled(boolean p1);
  19	void toggleRecentApps();
  20	void preloadRecentApps();
  21	void cancelPreloadRecentApps();
  22	void setWindowState(int n1, int n2);


   1	void listen(java.lang.String s1, p2, int n3, boolean p4);
   2	void notifyCallState(int n1, java.lang.String s2);
   3	void notifyServiceState(android.telephony.ServiceState p1);
   4	void notifySignalStrength(android.telephony.SignalStrength p1);
   5	void notifyMessageWaitingChanged(boolean p1);
   6	void notifyCallForwardingChanged(boolean p1);
   7	void notifyDataActivity(int n1);
   8	void notifyDataConnection(int n1, boolean p2, java.lang.String s3, java.lang.String s4, java.lang.String s5, p6, p7, int n8, boolean p9);
   9	void notifyDataConnectionFailed(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
  10	void notifyCellLocation(android.os.Bundle p1);
  11	void notifyOtaspChanged(int n1);
  12	void notifyCellInfo(java.util.List p1);


   1	android.view.textservice.SpellCheckerInfo getCurrentSpellChecker(java.lang.String s1);
   2	android.view.textservice.SpellCheckerSubtype getCurrentSpellCheckerSubtype(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
   3	void getSpellCheckerService(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2, p3, p4, android.os.Bundle p5);
   4	void finishSpellCheckerService( p1);
   5	void setCurrentSpellChecker(java.lang.String s1, java.lang.String s2);
   6	void setCurrentSpellCheckerSubtype(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   7	void setSpellCheckerEnabled(boolean p1);
   8	boolean isSpellCheckerEnabled();
   9	android.view.textservice.SpellCheckerInfo[] getEnabledSpellCheckers();


   1	void enableCarMode(int n1);
   2	void disableCarMode(int n1);
   3	int getCurrentModeType();
   4	void setNightMode(int n1);
   5	int getNightMode();

Class: android.os.IUpdateLock

   1	void acquireUpdateLock(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2);
   2	void releaseUpdateLock(android.os.IBinder p1);


   1	void noteResumeComponent(android.content.ComponentName p1);
   2	void notePauseComponent(android.content.ComponentName p1);
   3	void noteLaunchTime(android.content.ComponentName p1, int n2);
   4 getPkgUsageStats(android.content.ComponentName p1);
   5[] getAllPkgUsageStats();

Class: android.hardware.usb.IUsbManager

   1	void getDeviceList(android.os.Bundle p1);
   2	android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor openDevice(java.lang.String s1);
   3	android.hardware.usb.UsbAccessory getCurrentAccessory();
   4	android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor openAccessory(android.hardware.usb.UsbAccessory p1);
   5	void setDevicePackage(android.hardware.usb.UsbDevice p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
   6	void setAccessoryPackage(android.hardware.usb.UsbAccessory p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3);
   7	boolean hasDevicePermission(android.hardware.usb.UsbDevice p1);
   8	boolean hasAccessoryPermission(android.hardware.usb.UsbAccessory p1);
   9	void requestDevicePermission(android.hardware.usb.UsbDevice p1, java.lang.String s2, p3);
  10	void requestAccessoryPermission(android.hardware.usb.UsbAccessory p1, java.lang.String s2, p3);
  11	void grantDevicePermission(android.hardware.usb.UsbDevice p1, int n2);
  12	void grantAccessoryPermission(android.hardware.usb.UsbAccessory p1, int n2);
  13	boolean hasDefaults(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  14	void clearDefaults(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  15	void setCurrentFunction(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  16	void setMassStorageBackingFile(java.lang.String s1);
  17	void allowUsbDebugging(boolean p1, java.lang.String s2);
  18	void denyUsbDebugging();
  19	void clearUsbDebuggingKeys();

Class: android.os.IUserManager

   1 createUser(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
   2	boolean removeUser(int n1);
   3	void setUserName(int n1, java.lang.String s2);
   4	void setUserIcon(int n1, p2);
   5 getUserIcon(int n1);
   6	java.util.List getUsers(boolean p1);
   7 getUserInfo(int n1);
   8	boolean isRestricted();
   9	void setGuestEnabled(boolean p1);
  10	boolean isGuestEnabled();
  11	void wipeUser(int n1);
  12	int getUserSerialNumber(int n1);
  13	int getUserHandle(int n1);
  14	android.os.Bundle getUserRestrictions(int n1);
  15	void setUserRestrictions(android.os.Bundle p1, int n2);
  16	void setApplicationRestrictions(java.lang.String s1, android.os.Bundle p2, int n3);
  17	android.os.Bundle getApplicationRestrictions(java.lang.String s1);
  18	android.os.Bundle getApplicationRestrictionsForUser(java.lang.String s1, int n2);
  19	boolean setRestrictionsChallenge(java.lang.String s1);
  20	int checkRestrictionsChallenge(java.lang.String s1);
  21	boolean hasRestrictionsChallenge();
  22	void removeRestrictions();

Class: android.os.IVibratorService

   1	boolean hasVibrator();
   2	void vibrate(int n1, java.lang.String s2, long n3, android.os.IBinder p4);
   3	void vibratePattern(int n1, java.lang.String s2, long[] p3, int n4, android.os.IBinder p5);
   4	void cancelVibrate(android.os.IBinder p1);


   1	android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor setWallpaper(java.lang.String s1);
   2	void setWallpaperComponent(android.content.ComponentName p1);
   3	android.os.ParcelFileDescriptor getWallpaper( p1, android.os.Bundle p2);
   4 getWallpaperInfo();
   5	void clearWallpaper();
   6	boolean hasNamedWallpaper(java.lang.String s1);
   7	void setDimensionHints(int n1, int n2);
   8	int getWidthHint();
   9	int getHeightHint();


   1	java.util.List getConfiguredNetworks();
   2	int addOrUpdateNetwork( p1);
   3	boolean removeNetwork(int n1);
   4	boolean enableNetwork(int n1, boolean p2);
   5	boolean disableNetwork(int n1);
   6	boolean pingSupplicant();
   7	void startScan(android.os.WorkSource p1);
   8	java.util.List getScanResults(java.lang.String s1);
   9	void disconnect();
  10	void reconnect();
  11	void reassociate();
  12 getConnectionInfo();
  13	boolean setWifiEnabled(boolean p1);
  14	int getWifiEnabledState();
  15	void setCountryCode(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  16	void setFrequencyBand(int n1, boolean p2);
  17	int getFrequencyBand();
  18	boolean isDualBandSupported();
  19	boolean saveConfiguration();
  20 getDhcpInfo();
  21	boolean isScanAlwaysAvailable();
  22	boolean acquireWifiLock(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, java.lang.String s3, android.os.WorkSource p4);
  23	void updateWifiLockWorkSource(android.os.IBinder p1, android.os.WorkSource p2);
  24	boolean releaseWifiLock(android.os.IBinder p1);
  25	void initializeMulticastFiltering();
  26	boolean isMulticastEnabled();
  27	void acquireMulticastLock(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2);
  28	void releaseMulticastLock();
  29	void setWifiApEnabled( p1, boolean p2);
  30	int getWifiApEnabledState();
  31 getWifiApConfiguration();
  32	void setWifiApConfiguration( p1);
  33	void startWifi();
  34	void stopWifi();
  35	void addToBlacklist(java.lang.String s1);
  36	void clearBlacklist();
  37	android.os.Messenger getWifiServiceMessenger();
  38	android.os.Messenger getWifiStateMachineMessenger();
  39	java.lang.String getConfigFile();
  40	void captivePortalCheckComplete();
  41	void enableTdls(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  42	void enableTdlsWithMacAddress(java.lang.String s1, boolean p2);
  43	boolean requestBatchedScan( p1, android.os.IBinder p2);
  44	void stopBatchedScan( p1);
  45	java.util.List getBatchedScanResults(java.lang.String s1);
  46	boolean isBatchedScanSupported();
  47	void pollBatchedScan();


   1	android.os.Messenger getMessenger();
   2	void setMiracastMode(int n1);

Class: android.view.IWindowManager

   1	boolean startViewServer(int n1);
   2	boolean stopViewServer();
   3	boolean isViewServerRunning();
   4	android.view.IWindowSession openSession( p1, p2);
   5	boolean inputMethodClientHasFocus( p1);
   6	void getInitialDisplaySize(int n1, p2);
   7	void getBaseDisplaySize(int n1, p2);
   8	void setForcedDisplaySize(int n1, int n2, int n3);
   9	void clearForcedDisplaySize(int n1);
  10	int getInitialDisplayDensity(int n1);
  11	int getBaseDisplayDensity(int n1);
  12	void setForcedDisplayDensity(int n1, int n2);
  13	void clearForcedDisplayDensity(int n1);
  14	void setOverscan(int n1, int n2, int n3, int n4, int n5);
  15	void pauseKeyDispatching(android.os.IBinder p1);
  16	void resumeKeyDispatching(android.os.IBinder p1);
  17	void setEventDispatching(boolean p1);
  18	void addWindowToken(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2);
  19	void removeWindowToken(android.os.IBinder p1);
  20	void addAppToken(int n1, android.view.IApplicationToken p2, int n3, int n4, int n5, boolean p6, boolean p7, int n8);
  21	void setAppGroupId(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2);
  22	void setAppOrientation(android.view.IApplicationToken p1, int n2);
  23	int getAppOrientation(android.view.IApplicationToken p1);
  24	void setFocusedApp(android.os.IBinder p1, boolean p2);
  25	void prepareAppTransition(int n1, boolean p2);
  26	int getPendingAppTransition();
  27	void overridePendingAppTransition(java.lang.String s1, int n2, int n3, android.os.IRemoteCallback p4);
  28	void overridePendingAppTransitionScaleUp(int n1, int n2, int n3, int n4);
  29	void overridePendingAppTransitionThumb( p1, int n2, int n3, android.os.IRemoteCallback p4, boolean p5);
  30	void executeAppTransition();
  31	void setAppStartingWindow(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2, int n3, android.content.res.CompatibilityInfo p4, java.lang.CharSequence p5, int n6, int n7, int n8, int n9, android.os.IBinder p10, boolean p11);
  32	void setAppWillBeHidden(android.os.IBinder p1);
  33	void setAppVisibility(android.os.IBinder p1, boolean p2);
  34	void startAppFreezingScreen(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2);
  35	void stopAppFreezingScreen(android.os.IBinder p1, boolean p2);
  36	void removeAppToken(android.os.IBinder p1);
  37	android.content.res.Configuration updateOrientationFromAppTokens(android.content.res.Configuration p1, android.os.IBinder p2);
  38	void setNewConfiguration(android.content.res.Configuration p1);
  39	void startFreezingScreen(int n1, int n2);
  40	void stopFreezingScreen();
  41	void disableKeyguard(android.os.IBinder p1, java.lang.String s2);
  42	void reenableKeyguard(android.os.IBinder p1);
  43	void exitKeyguardSecurely(android.view.IOnKeyguardExitResult p1);
  44	boolean isKeyguardLocked();
  45	boolean isKeyguardSecure();
  46	boolean inKeyguardRestrictedInputMode();
  47	void dismissKeyguard();
  48	void closeSystemDialogs(java.lang.String s1);
  49	float getAnimationScale(int n1);
  50	float[] getAnimationScales();
  51	void setAnimationScale(int n1, float p2);
  52	void setAnimationScales(float[] p1);
  53	void setInTouchMode(boolean p1);
  54	void showStrictModeViolation(boolean p1);
  55	void setStrictModeVisualIndicatorPreference(java.lang.String s1);
  56	void updateRotation(boolean p1, boolean p2);
  57	int getRotation();
  58	int watchRotation(android.view.IRotationWatcher p1);
  59	void removeRotationWatcher(android.view.IRotationWatcher p1);
  60	int getPreferredOptionsPanelGravity();
  61	void freezeRotation(int n1);
  62	void thawRotation();
  63	boolean isRotationFrozen();
  64 screenshotApplications(android.os.IBinder p1, int n2, int n3, int n4, boolean p5);
  65	void statusBarVisibilityChanged(int n1);
  66	boolean waitForWindowDrawn(android.os.IBinder p1, android.os.IRemoteCallback p2);
  67	boolean hasNavigationBar();
  68	void lockNow(android.os.Bundle p1);
  69	android.os.IBinder getFocusedWindowToken();
  70	void setInputFilter(android.view.IInputFilter p1);
  71	void getWindowFrame(android.os.IBinder p1, p2);
  72	boolean isSafeModeEnabled();
  73	void setMagnificationCallbacks(android.view.IMagnificationCallbacks p1);
  74	void setMagnificationSpec(android.view.MagnificationSpec p1);
  75	android.view.MagnificationSpec getCompatibleMagnificationSpecForWindow(android.os.IBinder p1);
  76	void setTouchExplorationEnabled(boolean p1);