Opersys provides a set of targeted training classes for your Mobile and Embedded needs. Whether you are looking to get on board the Android revolution or whether you are looking for developing Linux-based embedded systems, Opersys has been sharing its expertise and training developers worldwide for more than a decade. You can register to one of our public sessions or we can provide you an on-site class tailored to your needs.

Embedded Android Class

  • Intensive 5-days Hands-on
  • AOSP, kernel Androidisms, System Server
  • Covers custom hardware and custom SDKs

AOSP Debug and Perf Class

  • Intensive 2.5-days Hands-on
  • ftrace, perf, gdb/gdbserver, DDMS
  • Covers debug from app to kernel

Android Development Class

  • Intensive 5-days Hands-on
  • API, SDK, NDK and Internals
  • Covers REST and remote admin

Embedded Linux Class

  • Intensive 4-days Hands-on
  • Cross development, Kernel, Root FS, Bootloader
  • Covers building entire system straight from source

Linux Device Drivers Class

  • Intensive 3-days Hands-on
  • Modules, Locking, Interrupts, Memory management
  • Covers Char, Block, Network and USB drivers